Solar modules and systems

солнечные модули

Prolog Semicor Ltd. currently offers a wide range of high quality monocrystalline modules with different dimensions and the power range from 30 to 300Wp.

We can offer you the best decission according to your requirements, from solar park to tourist system.

Our main priority is reliability of our modules. We understand that the main parameters of solar module reliability are set by silicon quality and that’s why we use our high quality wafers in manufacturing process.

The main advantages of our solar modules are:

  • High reliability
  • Low light-induced and potential induced degradation. We use our high quality wafers in solar cell manufacturing.
  • Stability through optimized product design. Strong 4 mm (or 3.2mm) solar glass and an extruded, double-walled aluminum frame withstand high wind and snow loads.
  • High yields. High effciencies and minimised module mismatch through tight cell and module tolerances
  • High efficiency. High performance solar cells are used.
  • Delivery with purely positive output tolerance (output tolerance of 0 to +4.99 Wp).
  • Performance warranty: 80% for 25 years, 90% for 10 years of the nominal performance ensures long-term returns.
  • Certified manufacturing process (ISO-9001:2008).
  • Certificate confirms Ukrainian local content.